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AE SPE Sensors with integrated Acoustic Emission System

Types with data transfer and power supply via Single Pair Ethernet cable

G5-2xSPE-150 kHz
Dimension: 46x40x39.5 mm³

5th generation devices will be available soon.

The most important innovation is that Mid Devices are no longer necessary. SPE switches are built into the sensors. Two or four external SPE ports and one or two internal hosts offer flexible solutions for line, daisy-chain, or mesh network topologies. The control computers become a direct part of this network. In addition, the sensors can now also carry out measurements independently. A computer on the AE network is only required for settings and display of results. For example, this option significantly reduces power consumption for long-term measurements.

4th generation sensors are obsolete. They are only sold for the expansion of existing measuring systems.

Main advantages of SPE sensors:

G4-SPE-Sensor, Höhe 43 mm

SPE-sensors of the 4th generation

The sensor housing contains an analog part, a digital signal processing unit and a web server. The analog part ANALOG amplifies the sensor signal and forms the logarithmic envelope for data reduction. AE parameters such as arrival time, rise time, duration, peak amplitude and energy are generated from the envelope by the digital signal processing unit PARAM. The waveform of the envelope can be recorded parallel to the parameter extraction. The web server generates dynamic web pages to control the sensor and to display the measurement results. The RX / TX unit establishes the connection to the SPE network.

The maximum power consumption is 105 mW. If the threshold is not exceeded, only 55 mW are consumed. Self-sufficient power supplies are described in Service ⁂ Overview. Products ⁂ Mid Device gives an example of reducing cable lengths.

Technical Specification
Model name
150 kHz
80-290 kHz
75 dB
80 kHz
50-130 kHz
75 dB
400 kHz
200-800 kHz
68 dB

Further technical data, which apply equally to all sensors, can be found under tab Products ⁂ Overview.