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Service ⁂ Overview


According to your requirements, we develop special sensors that are characterized by a high data acquisition rate and intelligent data processing. Our support extends from the definition of development goals to the adaptation of hardware and software to the use of the measuring equipment.

Normally, the sensor works according to the client-server principle. It is a web application. The sensor generates dynamic web pages to control the sensor and display the measurement results. A variety of applications can be covered by the network connection. Both simple end-to-end configurations, such as sensor-to-notebook, and more complicated network topologies, as shown in the figure, are possible..

Example of an AE network topology
Examples of self-sufficient power supplies,
Li-battery of the company LIONTRON (12 V, 50 Ah, 5 kg),
Battery pack from the company PYLONTECH for continuous operation with a solar module (48 V, 200 Ah, 134 kg)

Self-sufficient power supply

AE IMS types: A lithium cell guarantees an operation of at least 8 hours. At low event rates operating times up to 24 hours are possible. In addition, there are variants that can be operated directly by a solar module. When the sky is overcast, a solar modul of 0.15 m2 is required for each sensor.

AE SPE types: The Ethernet cabling allows a large number of self-sufficient supply options, as the following three examples show: