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All applications work according to the client-server model. The browser automatically loads the basic software from the sensor into its cache when logging in for the first time. Changing parts are dynamically reloaded. A responsive presentation of the web pages is standard. This means the presentation software is designed to work well on both large and small displays. Upon request, we also develop display software that is adapted to fixed screen sizes.

The client-server principle has the following advantages:

The browser scripts uses HTML5 and the APIs defined there. The following browser versions are required: Chrome 69+, Edge 79+, Opera 64+, Chrome for Android 81+, Samsung Internet 10.1+.

Software for AE sensors: The firmware of the sensors is proprietary. The evaluation algorithms, the alarm thresholds and the representation of the measurement results are realized in HTML5 browser scripts. These scripts are open source and can be customized by the user. Normally, HTML5 programming is not necessary because the existing example scripts cover a wide range of applications. Upon request, we also develop display software that is adapted to fixed screen sizes. On request, we also develop special scripts for unusual applications.

A special feature of the AE software is the option Automatic Parameter Setting. This option allows beginners first successful measurements within a few minutes. For experienced AE examiners too, it is a good practice, starting from the automatically determined parameters, to gradually approach the most suitable settings for new unknown measurement situations.

Beispiel für die Darstellung von Schwellwertüberschreitungen